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Granted, it isn't ideal but hopefully these tips will reassure you ...

For some of us, the idea of giving birth is daunting at the best of times. So, the thought of delivering during a pandemic or lockdown might be leaving you worried, especially as it's meant changes to how some services might be run. Not to mention the weirdness (no matter how sensible it is) of everyone being masked up to the max.


If you’re pregnant, it’s so important to still attend your antenatal appointments and continue to seek advice from your midwife or maternity team to ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Midwives have worked hard to make sure you still have a personal and safe maternity experience, but some services will need to adapt. This could mean having telephone or video consultations or attending your antenatal appointments in a different setting. Your midwife will have more details about what is happening in your area.

The NHS has producedthis animation通过如何与服务进行交谈。

On top of all that reassurance, we've rounded up some honest accounts, reassuring advice, and top tips from parents who've already gone through it and shared their experiences on the Netmums forums.

信不信由你:有人说生在一个平底锅demic actually had its perks, just like thiswoman who 'gave birth in splendid isolation!'found.

The build up

On feeling underprepared with antenatal classes cancelled:

'As for not knowing what to do, your body will tell you (and the midwives lol) it sounds cringey but honestly...trust what your body is telling you, the midwives will be there every step and your other half will be there when you need him. Its hard but just try and focus on your welcoming your little one into the world ... after every contraction just think that its one less contraction and one closer to meeting baby! Good Luck ' Naomi C (293)

'First off, know you’re not alone! I feel very, very unprepared, but then I also think, you can’t plan for these things anyway. Baby’s going to come flying out one way or another! There’s lots of resources out there, and there is nothing you can’t learn on YouTube. Also remember, we are women, and maternal instincts will take over no matter what anyway. I know lots of women who had amazing pregnancy and births who weren’t interested in the classes so don’t let it get you down too much.' Tal R (25)

“我对我的最后一次怀孕一样,然后发现Hypnobirthing有助于大规模帮助。我真的可以推荐它来帮助你平静 - 谷歌它,并阅读了如何使用呼吸和谨慎在劳动之前和劳动期间准备自己。此外,如果您可以在线找到任何在线 - YouTube或播客也很好 - 通过劳动阶段谈论以及如何最好地处理每个阶段,我相信您也会感到更多地编写。好运 - 你可以做到!!'约克西赛

'I just wanted to say that antenatal classes are not for everyone anyway. I gave birth for the first time almost a year ago and personally, I found it was nothing like they said in the classes. I got so stressed out trying to remember all about bouncing on a birthing ball and having my partner rub my back plus all of the different recommended positions and breathing and the very stupid advice I got that basically amounted to "relax and don't get stressed out!" Like you can control that kind of thing any way It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought and I was really, really anxious. I just tuned everything out including all the advice I'd gotten and did what felt right. You may be better off without a load of expectations of how it's gonna be tbh.' Claire H (3046)

The NHS has also producedthis leafletto talk you through things to think about when planning your birth during the pandemic.

Labour and delivery

On what to expect in lockdown:

'The midwives were absolutely fantastic! They were so supportive and made me feel really safe. Obviously, they were all dressed in their PPE but I didn't feel uncomfortable about it and if I'm honest I almost forgot we were in the middle of a pandemic! If you're worried speak to them when you get there and voice your concerns... I think they were actually more compassionate and understanding because of the whole covid situation.' Naomi C (293)

'I just wanted to share our amazingly positive birth experience for any expectant mummies out there who are understandably very nervous about giving birth during a pandemic. When I heard that Wexham’s birth centre wouldn’t be available to use I felt anxious as that was my original birth plan, but with a low risk pregnancy I was able to use one of the rooms in the labour ward that had been transformed into a similar birth centre environment. And luckily for me, their birthing pool was available... The midwives were amazing! You wouldn’t have known about any of the craziness that’s going on in the world...all that matters to them is delivering babies safely and they are all wonderful at what they do.' Amy B (19)

'Call before you go in as the rules are constantly changing depending on the situation.' Jigna D (2)

'The one thing I will warn you on is don’t set your heart on water birth. I was told I could have one then when I arrived they said they were not allowing them. Have a back up or a TENS machine is lovely.' Bethan P (50)


'My husband had to drop me off at reception and then he was called by the midwife when they had done all their checks to confirm I was in active labour. He stayed in the delivery room and then was allowed in recovery as I went into theatre afterwards. When I was transferred to postnatal he had to go.' Nicola L (851)

'If you can, try and stay home as long as you can otherwise you will be alone for a while. You will need to enter hospital alone with your bags when you get there. Partner must stay at home or in car.' Bethan P (50)


'I gave birth 3 weeks ago during lockdown. They allowed my partner to stay during labour, but only let him into the hospital once it had been confirmed that I was passed 4cm dilated. So he dropped me at the entrance and I made my own way up (as quickly as I could as I was already pushing ). I did tell the security guard, so he did let my partner in quite quickly and my partner just got into the delivery room in time! Once baby has been born they do allow the birth partner to stay until you leave the delivery room, and visiting was only between 3 and 4pm for the birth partner only. Luckily I only had to stay 12 hours after birth, so didn’t get to 3pm. All staff have masks and gloves etc as you would expect during this crazy time, but they are still as amazing as they usually would be.'

'Make sure you take everything with you. If you forget and your partner goes to get something they cannot come back at all.' Bethan P (50)

On managing when your birth partner isn't there:

The midwives help out with feeding and changing as they know partners normally do this.' Nicola L (851)

'Stick everything in one bag too if possible as you will need to carry this in with you whilst in labour.' Bethan P (50)

'When I was discharged a midwife carried my bag down to reception as that’s where partners had to wait to pick up.' Nicola L (851)

On concerns about coronavirus infection:

'Precautions I took were to keep my mask on as much as possible, keep my hair covered, wash my hands as much as I could, took my own food and water so I wouldn’t need to be served food and eat from their plates etc so it reduced exposure where I could.' Loveleen A (2)

Check out our article ongiving birth in a pandemicto find out more about what to expect.

Childcare arrangements



'Personally I'd let my husband look after them so it's easier for them in their own home and they wouldn't be exposed to anyone else who just might have it.' Calla C


'My brother and sister in law gave birth the other day. Their 3 year old went to a trusted friends. Trusted friend had been in lockdown with her partner for 2 weeks. They had baby and were out same day.' jackie b (8)


On how long you'll stay in hospital:


“我在5/3上患上了C部分出生,所以幸运的是避免所有这个疯狂!这是一个C部分递送所以必须留下来,但他们似乎非常热衷于排出我们所有人,所以只要你走路(ISH),他们就会很快排出你。“Rachel E(476)


'Usually they allow partners to stay overnight but because of the virus he wasn’t allowed to stay and had to come back the next morning. The midwives were amazing overnight and offered so much support as I was all by myself with my baby... I was so worried about the Coronavirus but it isn’t as scary as you might think.' Ellie L (3)


“我独自一人,在病房里有4个其他女性过夜。我以前有过孩子,这是一个比其他人在病房里更平和的经历,因为没有其他人,没有参观者唤醒你或其他人。我可以完全专注于宝宝。Loveleen A(2)

'the midwives were great and came to help whenever I needed. I did find it a bit harder in the middle of the night as there were obviously fewer staff but they were never far and you’ve always got your buzzer if you need it.' Lauren T (2109)

NHS生产了这些传单(这里这里) to talk you through caring for your newborn during the pandemic.

On having visitors:

“在我们的医院显然是没有游客,只是那里的妈妈,这是更安全的,加上你不必担心人们带来很多吵闹和不认识的人,我的朋友不得不忍受下一张床的女人拥有大约二十个家庭成员进来,尖叫的孩子,人们咳嗽,咒骂,喊叫等'Calla C.

'I work on the labour wards ... no visitors on postnatal wards but for the birthing partner you get to pick an hour time slot so they can visit alone.' Caitlinx1

'I guess at the end of the day, as long as we have our babies then that’s all that matters and people being able to visit or not isn’t the biggest issue.' Amy B (19)


On concerns that a C-section could be cancelled:



'除非你在私人房间里,否则在我的医院合作伙伴不被允许留下来,所以我最近的C系列后一夜之间。助产士告诉我,每当我需要任何东西时都会告诉我,他们会进来并将宝宝带到我身边,整理牛奶并改变他的尿布。我也有点担心这个,但他们非常令人放心,他们在那里帮助你,他们习惯了!“Hannah M(939)

If you have any other questions about what to expect during pregnancy and birth throughout the pandemic, take a look at the NHS’s information page onPregnancy and Coronavirus.

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