14 things single parents know on Valentine's Day

First published onMonday 27 January 2020最后修改了Friday 31 January 2020

作为一个单身父母在最好的时候是艰难的 - 但在这一年中最浪漫的一天,它可以认真刺痛。这是美国人民的一些普遍真理,留下了抱着宝宝,这是2月14日。

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That jittery teenage feeling when you wake up and wonder if this will be the year the postman hits you with a deluge of cards – even though you’re single, and never leave the house, and haven’t spoken to a member of the opposite sex in months – that never goes away.











Squidging together on the sofa to watch Frozen II for the 17th time is as romantic as it gets as a singleton on V's-Day.

Enjoy a Disney nap and just Let. It. Go.

7.That social media is a no-go zone




Cheese on toast for one tastes better when you remind yourself that every nearby restaurant is crammed full of cringing couples getting ripped off left right and centre for a less-than-average set menu and a glass of warm fizz.

Plus you get to eat it in your jammies. #trulyblessed



10。That you don’t have to share

OK, so you had to buy chocolates for yourself, but the bonus is you get to polish them off by yourself, too. Just don’t let the kids see or they’ll be gone before you can bellow 'I SAID BRUSH YOUR TEETH!' up the stairs.

11.That your mum means well

The cringe card from your mum never fails to make you feel worse about things.

She may as well have hired a sky writer to tell the world you’re a massive loser. Bless her.

12.That you can look on the bright side

不再假装喜欢牡蛎。或者你的前任,此事。虽然,有人认真真的like oysters?

13.That things could be worse

圣瓦伦丁俱乐部死亡 - 然后斩首。你可以用bubbas蜷缩在沙发上。想一想一下。

14.That you’re surrounded by love

有时候,浪漫来自最意想不到的地方 - 你的小人们在你跳过公园时,你的小手在你的时候,你的缺少......是的,你可能会珍惜的通心粉项链。

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can you relate to being single on Valentine's Day? Will you be buying your kids anything to celebrate? Join in the chat below ...

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